Product Engineering Solutions

AWC’s product engineering team is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and developing efficient software solutions that take your business operations to new heights. At AWC, it's all about delivering high-quality service and exceeding your expectations.

Product Engineering Solutions

AWC’s product engineering team is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and developing efficient software solutions that take your business operations to new heights. At AWC, it's all about delivering high-quality service and exceeding your expectations.

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Unlock Undiscovered Opportunities with Expertise and Experience.

At AWC, our team of strategists and technologists possess the expertise, experience, and drive needed to transform your concept into a valuable product that delivers real results for your business.
By leveraging our next-generation product engineering and development practices, our clients are making significant strides in their respective industries. Our range of services, from custom web development to system engineering and software consulting, are designed to provide maximum value to your business.
With AWC, you can be confident that you are investing in a partner who is committed to providing you with the highest value-add services. Contact us today to unlock previously undiscovered opportunities by getting the most sophisticated product engineering solutions.
Business Process Automation

We specialize in transforming intricate, information-oriented, organizational-wide business procedures into automated operations. Our team has deep proficiency in the latest automation and workflow solutions like Power Automate, Microsoft SharePoint, and Newgen.

Workflow Solutions

Our team has excellent expertise in crafting comprehensive workflows tailored to your enterprise needs. Our offerings include Microsoft SharePoint, Newgen-powered workflow solutions, and associated assistance.

Knowledge and Document Management Solutions

Newgen-based case management combined with Intelligent document processing is a core part of our document management solutions. Our expertise extends to the provision of Microsoft SharePoint-based knowledge and document management implementations, as well as document and information portals and intranets.

What We Offer

Experience Design

We take a human-centric approach to design, placing your customers at the forefront of our solutions. We understand that engaging and intuitive experiences are essential for driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. That's why our team of experts specializes in user experience and interface design, utilizing advanced consumer journey mapping techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers' needs and behaviors. With this knowledge, we can design tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed your customers' expectations, resulting in increased customer retention and business growth.

Cloud Application

We specialize in developing applications optimized for the cloud environment, providing you with scalable, reliable, and secure solutions that enable your business to thrive. Our cloud-agnostic applications are designed to work seamlessly across multiple cloud platforms, giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that best meets your needs. In addition to developing new cloud applications, our experts can assist you with the migration of legacy applications to the cloud.

Software Engineering

We excel at developing software platforms that seamlessly integrate with multiple systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. Our team's expertise in CI/CD and DevOps allows us to streamline your development processes, delivering high-quality software solutions faster than ever before. By partnering with AWC, you can benefit from our software engineering expertise, which enables you to build a robust and flexible software platform that can meet your business needs both now and in the future.

Digital Applications

Our custom digital solutions are designed to streamline your operations and drive business growth. With our SaaS application development, you can deliver unparalleled software experiences to your customers, while our API development and integration services enable you to connect and automate your digital ecosystem, improving efficiency and accuracy at every step.

Our Tech Stack

Digital Applications & Platforms

Our team at AWC helps build digital applications and platforms like mobile and web-based applications by using modern technologies such as Java with AWS services and Microsoft Azure services to develop high-quality, scalable solutions for your business. We offer solutions that provide scalability, high performance, security, integration, and accessibility while reducing costs.

Cloud Based Products and Platforms

We specialize in providing cloud-based products and platforms like AWS and Azure to build scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for your business requirements. We strive to provide services that offer scalability, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Integration and API Development.

Our team at AWC specializes in successful integration and API development by using Software with event-based services and stateless architectures built on modern technology platforms like Java Spring, .NET, and similar technologies.

Platform Deployment and Support

Our AWC team has expertise in providing platform deployment and support by utilizing Cloud DevOps and CI/CD for your business. We help you automate the process of deployment and management of software applications in the cloud with the goal of delivering software faster and with greater reliability.


What methodologies do you use in the software development process?

We use agile methodology to swiftly adapt to customer needs, streamline project complexity, and accelerate development speed while meeting project deadlines. Furthermore, we maintain constant communication with our clients to ensure that we deliver software solutions that align with their business objectives. Our agile approach also enables us to collaborate and test frequently, allowing us to make necessary adjustments throughout the development lifecycle, resulting in a superior end product.

What steps can be taken to control the cost of software development?

Implementing a structured project management approach, reducing project complexity, and utilizing Agile methodologies can significantly contribute to cost savings. Our team prioritizes task effectiveness and risk assessment to ensure that we remain on track with budget and timelines, while maintaining the quality of our work.
Regular communication and collaboration with all stakeholders is essential to identifying and addressing any issues promptly, leading to streamlined development and reduced costs.

What key factors to consider when choosing a product engineering solutions company?

Choosing the ideal product engineering solutions partner demands a careful examination of various critical factors. It's imperative to evaluate a company's experience, expertise, customer support, and pricing structure to foster a successful partnership. Equally important is assessing a company's industry-specific knowledge and ability to provide scalable and secure solutions. Analyzing previous customer feedback and ratings is also essential to gain valuable insights into a company's performance and level of customer satisfaction.

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