Empowering Your Business with Expert SAP Services

At AWC, we deliver cutting-edge SAP solutions tailored to elevate your enterprise performance and drive sustainable growth.

Enterprise Application Solutions

Enhanced cohesion, conformity to organizational protocols, and unified business operations to improve the core of your organization’s IT structure.

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At AWC, we deliver cutting-edge SAP solutions tailored to elevate your enterprise performance and drive sustainable growth.

We are a team of dedicated IT professionals committed to transforming businesses through innovative SAP services. With 15+ years of industry experience, we have successfully partnered with diverse enterprises, optimizing their operations and maximizing efficiency. Our full gamut of cost-effective SAP services equips you to meet business requirements and commitments while ensuring the highest return for your investments. Our accomplished engineers, application specialists and developers help you to expand your existing capabilities, provide additional expertise, or assume full management of your SAP ecosystem on your behalf.

Business Process Automation

We specialize in transforming intricate, information-oriented, organizational-wide business procedures into automated operations. Our team has deep proficiency in the latest automation and workflow solutions like Power Automate, Microsoft SharePoint, and Newgen.

Workflow Solutions

Our team has excellent expertise in crafting comprehensive workflows tailored to your enterprise needs. Our offerings include Microsoft SharePoint, Newgen-powered workflow solutions, and associated assistance.

Knowledge and Document Management Solutions

Newgen-based case management combined with Intelligent document processing is a core part of our document management solutions. Our expertise extends to the provision of Microsoft SharePoint-based knowledge and document management implementations, as well as document and information portals and intranets.

What We Offer

SAP implementation

Tailored implementation strategies based on your business requirements. Seamless integration with existing systems for a smooth transition.

SAP Application Support

Quick, pro-active and reliable support to ensure business continuity and maximize the productivity of your application landscape. Regular updates and system enhancements for optimal performance

Customization, Optimization and Enhancement

Management of your enterprise application including customization, continuous optimization and development. Maximise your security, minimize risk and reduce time and cost in operations & projects.

Value Added Services

Competent advisory for continuous innovation, agile services for your enterprise application coupled with a reliable support for a seamless service experience as well as intelligent automation of repetitive tasks.

Technologies We Use

Oracle e-Business Suite

Oracle's e-business suite is an integrated business application set that provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise performance management, supply chain management, and other related capabilities to organizations. It enables you to optimize your organization's operations...

Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) on Oracle Cloud that combines various applications to provide businesses with a comprehensive, automated solution for managing their business processes. Oracle Fusion allows organizations to access real-time databuild dashboards and analytics...

Integration using OIC

Integration using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a cloud-based integration solution that helps businesses streamline their data and business processes across multiple systems. OIC provides secure, unified access to applications, services, databases, and other endpoints, enabling enterprises to quickly and easily exchange data...


SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is a set of business software applications and tools that enable companies to manage their data and streamline their operations. It's used for many purposes, including enterprise resource planning, financial accounting, inventory management, supply chain management, human resources, customer relations management, and analytics....


What are the business benefits of enterprise application services?

Enterprise application services offer a variety of business benefits that help increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall customer experience. By providing streamlined, integrated access to all company applications, enterprise applications help organizations create an optimized and efficient workflow for both employees and customers.

What are some major enterprise applications?

The four major types of enterprise applications are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Business Intelligence (BI). CRM systems are used to manage customer data and relationships, while ERP solutions handle a variety of back-office operations like finances, inventory, and manufacturing. SCM solutions handle the procurement of products and services, and BI applications enable data-driven decisions and decision-making.

What are some key considerations when choosing an enterprise application services provider?

Businesses looking to select an enterprise application services provider should take into account a range of crucial factors. These may include evaluating the provider's experience, level of expertise, and proven track record of successful service delivery. It's equally vital to consider the quality of their services, their pricing models, and their ability to cater to the custom requirements of the business. Furthermore, it's critical to look for providers that offer flexible and scalable solutions that can quickly adjust to the evolving business environment, ultimately driving operational efficiency and facilitating growth.

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