Digital Transformation and Automation

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to drive digital transformation.

Digital Transformation and Automation

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to drive digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation Reimagined with AWC

AWC Software’s digital transformation strategy takes a holistic approach to drive organization-wide change. Our team leverages analytics, automation, emerging technologies, and digital transformation consulting services to analyze and optimize your current infrastructure, establish best practices, and position you for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Experience true transformation and unlock your business’s potential with AWC. Our comprehensive approach blends technology and culture to foster innovation and continual growth.

Take charge of your business’s future today with our end-to-end digital transformation strategy.

What We Offer

Digital Transformation Implementation

We conduct a complete and thorough evaluation of your organization to align your digital strategy with your business objectives. We prioritize modernizing your IT infrastructure by migrating to cloud technology, automating essential operations, and introducing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

Digital Application Development

Our cutting-edge services facilitate seamless application-based transformation by offering a full suite of application services, including ideation, user experience design, development, and customer support.

Modernization and Automation

Our team excels in optimizing and modernizing your existing systems with the latest cloud technologies, including Azure and AWS. By integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into your operations, we automate key processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, we leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems to elevate your business and keep up with the demands of the modern digital landscape.

Technology Areas

Mobile and Web based digital applications

We help enterprises streamline their operations, improve customer experience and drive business growth. We leverage modern technologies and cloud services including Flutter, Android Native, iOS, Rest API, Java, or .NE to build high quality applications for mobile, web and desktop platforms.

Low Code platforms

AWC software experts help develop applications faster by using low code platforms like Power Apps, Power Automate and Oracle Apex. We strive to provide greater cost effectiveness, agility and collaboration while helping you define your business objectives and choose the right low code platform.

Workflow and Automation Solutions

We offer workflow and automation solutions like Power Automate, Newgen and RPA to help automate workflows across different applications and services that would improve your business processes, reduce operational costs and enhance productivity.


Why are businesses experiencing a digital transformation?

The introduction of digital transformation has facilitated reduced costs, enhanced customer experiences, and greater agility. To ensure competitiveness and maintain a leading position in the constantly-evolving digital landscape, companies must embrace a digital-first approach and seize emerging technological opportunities. This will enable them to unlock the full potential of digital transformation and leverage it to achieve unprecedented success.

What are the 4 main areas of digital transformation?

The 4 main areas of digital transformation include operations, customer experience, people and culture, and process. For operations, digital transformation can lead to increased cost savings and improved process automation. For customer experience, it can provide personalized services that engage customers and build brand loyalty. In the area of people and culture, digital transformation can enable employee development, faster access to data, and more opportunities for collaboration. Lastly, in process, digital transformation can help in integrating new technologies into an organization’s internal process.

What are the key drivers of digital transformation?

The key drivers of digital transformation include technology advances, competitive pressures, customer expectations, market disruptions, and increased cost efficiencies. Technology advances have enabled businesses to innovate and evolve faster, making it easier to launch new services, products, and applications. Additionally, the competition between businesses and companies has increased, which has further incentivized the need to digitize operations to gain a competitive edge.

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