Oracle EBS integrated with HIS
Streamlining healthcare finance and operations with the best IT expertise in Oracle EBS: How AWC has helped one of the biggest hospital brands in India.

AWC Software has substantially impacted the workflow transformation at Metro Hospital by streamlining finance and operations. Oracle EBS was set up, implemented, and integrated with the Hospital Information System to get real-time data updates. Additionally, the bi-directional integration of Oracle EBS with the legacy system for purchase orders and receipts revolutionized the hospital's functioning and made it more patient-centric.

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Client overview

The best hospital brands in India require efficient software services for smooth functioning. Since hospitals have a large scale of resources and services, they need smooth and efficient management. The hospitals depend on Oracle IT services from AWC to successfully handle their operations, boost patient treatment, and increase total productivity.

The problem statement

"Hospital brands deal with vast amounts of data, including patient records, billing information, inventory management, etc. Managing and analyzing this data efficiently and securely was challenging, especially since the hospital brand has unique requirements and workflows that require customization. Thus, one of the biggest hospital brands in India partnered up with AWC for their amazing, customized Oracle ERP software to handle the finance and operation processes. This ensured centralized data for finance with seamless integration."

For all hospitals, it is essential to have the smoothest workflow. Despite modern amenities, meeting all patient demands and managing workloads effectively can be challenging. As a result, a leading hospital brand in India sought the expert guidance of AWC to address this issue and achieve better and more successful results. This decision was made to improve patient satisfaction and ensure a flourishing future for the hospital brand.


AWC's Managed Services

AWC provided a wide range of solutions that have greatly benefited one of the biggest hospital brands in India in various ways.

AWC provided implementation services for different modules of Oracle Fusion for multiple country legal entities, including finance, project management, Oracle time and labor, procurement, and more. These modules are customized to meet the specific requirements of each country, such as Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), General Ledger (GL), Cash Management (CM), and Asset Management.

Integration of EBS was done with the legacy system for Purchase Orders and Receipts. This is bi-directional integration for movement of POs and Receipts

Implementation of all integration touch points with Hospital Information System and Farsight was done to achieve real time data updates


Seamless automation

By leveraging AWC Oracle software, hospital brands have achieved automation in their PO and receipt processing, streamlining the procurement process and reducing manual efforts. This has led to faster processing times, improved accuracy, and increased supply and inventory efficiency.

The ERP system can integrate data across different departments and systems, providing real-time access to critical patient records, financial data, inventory management, and billing information. This way, hospital staff can access all the necessary data from a single platform, reducing errors and delays in data processing and improving patient care.

Real-time data integration

Another key impact of AWC Oracle software is the real-time data integration between the ERP system and the Hospital Information System (HIS). This seamless data flow ensures no lag in the availability of updated information in reports, enabling hospital brands to make informed decisions in real time. This has improved data accuracy and eliminated discrepancies.

Effective communication

The integration of AWC Oracle software with HIS has facilitated improved communication and collaboration among different departments within the hospital, enabling better coordination and decision-making. This has enhanced patient care, reduced administrative overheads, and improved operational efficiency.