Journey to Operational Excellence
How AWC Transformed Travel, HR, and Legal Processes for Indus Towers

Indus Towers Limited faced challenges with employee travel, HR documents, ideas, and legal case monitoring. AWC's innovative solution centralised processes using SharePoint and PowerAutomate, streamlining workflows and approvals for optimal efficiency and cost reduction.

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Client overview

Indus Towers Limited – the telecom tower company with a vision to create a nationwide presence covering all 22 telecom circles in India. With over 175,000 towers and 319,100 co-locations, they provide state-of-the-art infrastructure services

The problem statement

"As businesses expand, so do the challenges of managing their operations. Indus Towers Limited faced difficulties with employee travel, HR documentation, legal case monitoring, and cost reduction initiatives. These complex processes led to delays in approvals, incomplete records, and missed opportunities for valuable employee ideas. To tackle these issues, Indus Towers Limited partnered with AWC to streamline their workflows and create an efficient system, improving their overall productivity and success."

Indus Towers Limited faced several challenges in managing its operations efficiently. These included:


AWC's Managed Services

With AWC's mastery of SharePoint and PowerAutomate, we equipped Indus Towers Limited to surmount operational hurdles and attain heightened efficacy and productivity.

Amidst the challenges of employees travelling for various reasons, the AWC team utilized SharePoint to create a robust Travel and Transport portal. The system allowed seamless approvals using PowerAutomate, reducing delays and enabling real-time tracking. This empowered our client to streamline operations and ensure prompt, efficient travel.

Shedding light on managing the pile of doc stack, our HR Document Management System, also built in SharePoint, provides a solution to the issue of document management for new employees joining the organisation. With the ability to upload documents in real-time, HR personnel can monitor progress and ensure that every employee's documents are properly recorded and accounted for.

Creating an Ideas portal in SharePoint allowed every employee to contribute valuable thoughts and insights. Using PowerAutomate, we developed a robust system of approvals at different levels, ensuring that only the most viable ideas are implemented. This system helped reduce business costs and allowed Indus Towers Limited to cultivate a culture of innovation and progress.

Finally, AWC's portal for tracking legal cases proved an invaluable resource for the organisation. Built on SharePoint, this portal allowed easy monitoring of legal cases from initiation to resolution, as well as the associated expenses. The portal enabled Indus Towers to stay ahead of the curve and proactively manage legal challenges, ultimately minimizing risk and maximising efficiency.


Streamlined Travel Management

Indus Towers Limited struggled with managing travel requests due to their dispersed workforce until the implementation of the travel and transport portal. AWC improved travel management through a centralised portal, allowing for efficient tracking and management of travel requests by employees and approvers.

Efficient HR Document Management

Indus Towers weren’t able to manage HR documents efficiently due to the cumbersome manual processes involved, causing delays and errors. The human resources department can now securely access the system and upload necessary documents for the employees, expediting the document management process and enhancing operational efficiency.

Streamlined Idea Implementation

Without a streamlined system to implement approved ideas, Indus Towers Limited risked missing out on cost-saving opportunities, potentially resulting in financial losses. Now, Indus Towers Limited was able to minimize its operational costs and enhance its financial performance through a systematic approach to implementing approved ideas facilitated by our streamlined process.

Legal Case Management

Indus Towers Limited faced challenges in monitoring and managing legal cases and activities in a centralized manner before the implementation of the legal case management portal. Our solution provided a centralized portal that allows for easy monitoring and management of all types of legal cases and activities. This streamlined process significantly improved the management of legal cases, reducing the risk of potential legal issues and enhancing the company’s legal performance.